The “Bump” in the Road

It’s been two years since we were able to plant soybeans on our farm.  Last year it rained too much and we were never able to get in the fields to plant our beans.  We were fortunate to get our corn planted but the rains started in late April and continued through May, June and July and that was the end of our planting season.  Our hay season wasn’t much better; we lost our rye hay because it was too wet to mow.  This last month we feel like we have been experiencing déjà vu; we have been patiently waiting for the rains to slow down once again so we can get back in the fields to plant our soybeans.

track 2

Rachelle running the final stretch of her 800 Meter run during the State Track Meet.

Two weeks ago the weather turned off nice and the rains stopped…..just in time for our daughter’s state track meet.  This two day competition would be the last time she competed in high school track and her daddy couldn’t stand the thought of missing it.  He made the tough decision that he was going to have to miss the competition if the sun was shining that Friday morning.  (We will have college to pay for now in the fall!)  As luck would have it, we woke up and it was raining.  Kevin was able to watch Rachelle run for the first time this year; she placed 6th in the 800 meter run, coming within one second of beating our school record and beating her personal record.  The following day her 4 x 400 team placed 8th and Kevin was once again able to witness Rachelle beat her personal record for running a 400 meter.  She left it all on the track and her daddy was beaming with pride!  (So was I, of course!)


The following morning was her graduation from high school and the sun was shining and our fields were dry enough to work in but once again, the timing wasn’t right.  There was no way Kevin could miss Rachelle’s high school graduation!  We left the tractor and planter in the shed while we watched our “little girl” walk across the stage to receive her diploma.


Rachelle receiving her diploma!  She graduated in the top 10% of her class!

She delivered one of the speeches at her graduation ceremony; her speech was about the future.  She talked about how the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and how each of her classmates would face bumps in the road.  She went on to talk about how each bump would make each of them stronger and better on their journey.  Kevin and I chuckled when we heard her practicing the speech that morning because our farming journey has been made up of many bumps in the road!  Whether she realized it or not, she was speaking from experience because she has been with us for many of our bumps on the road and she has seen how tough those bumps can make you!


Once the graduation festivities concluded, Kevin’s plan was to head to the fields after Rachelle’s reception was over.  That well laid out plan didn’t work out so well.  We ended up having company until after dark that night, we enjoyed visiting with old friends and neighbors so it wasn’t all bad!  Kevin headed to the field the next morning to start working ground.  Tuesday was going to be the day we started planting….until it rained…yet again.  Another bump in the road!


Filling the planter with SOYBEANS!!!  A welcome sight on our farm!

And yesterday, the day we have been anxiously waiting for, finally arrived.  We were able to get back in the field and we actually got to plant soybeans!  I was excited to once again take meals to the fields last night.  Yes, it is a hassle to load up drinks and food and deliver to multiple fields but for me it was a feeling of normalcy.  And just as I arrived at the field with Kevin’s meal, he let me know the planter needed refilled and I was just in time to help!  The good ole days are back!  What started out as a quick trip to the field turned into a two hour trip but I am not complaining!  I am so thankful to have beans in the ground this year!  We finished that field up last night and parked the tractor in the shed about midnight!  It was a short night but I am thrilled to say they are back in the field today planting another field!  With a little luck, we might finish before the next round of rain on Saturday.  (I’m not holding my breath!)


About Chris Chinn

My husband, Kevin, and I are 5th generation farmers. We live on our family hog farm in Missouri with our two children. Our dream is that our children will have the opportunity be the 6th generation of farmers in our family.
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