“Let It Go” Parody Tells the EPA “That’s Enough,” Ditch the Rule!

My friends Andy & Kacey Clay farm in Central Missouri and they have been working really hard this spring on a very important project that will impact anyone who likes to eat.   The Clay’s are also the proud parents of three little kids who have also been helping on this important project.

Kacey has an amazing gift of being able to sing, something I wish I could do but God didn’t bless me with that talent, just ask my kids!  Andy & Kacey have been keeping a close eye on the EPA’s new proposed regulations for the Waters of the US.  You can learn more about this issue in my earlier blog post.

Thanks Andy & Kacey for taking the time out of your busy spring work to make this great video!

About Chris Chinn

My husband, Kevin, and I are 5th generation farmers. We live on our family hog farm in Missouri with our two children. Our dream is that our children will have the opportunity be the 6th generation of farmers in our family.
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