The kids enjoying some down time with their dogs this summer.

The kids enjoying some down time with their dogs this summer.

It’s August and school is just around the corner.  I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone by.  Many families are trying to squeeze in one last summer trip before school starts.  For our family, we were not able to find time away from the farm this summer.  We had a late spring which delayed our crop planting.  The delayed planting meant we got to the hay fields late and we are still there.  Our summer has been hectic to say the least and we just now feel like we are getting caught up….almost.

We were hoping to steal a few days away from the farm this week before school started.  Kevin was hoping to finish up with hay this week.  We have one hay field left which is great news.  The not so great news is that our cows started calving two days ago…..and they are early!  This early calving has put an end to our idea of sneaking away for a few days with the kids for some fun in the sun.

This heifer calf was born Wednesday two weeks early but she still weighed 50 lbs.

This heifer calf was born Wednesday two weeks early but she still weighed 50 lbs.

The kids of course were disappointed but they understand we have to be here to help the cows if they have a difficult time delivering their calf.  So instead of having fun in the sun away from the farm, we are trying to come up with ideas to have some fun in the sun on the farm!

The first thing on our “to do” list is to fish in our pond.   And of course Conner won’t be happy doing that from the bank side like we normally do; he wants to get out in the middle of the pond (or ‘lake’ as he calls it) with the little boat and oars.  That’s a typical little boy for you though.  The next thing he wants to do is camp out in a tent, which will be pretty easy for mom and dad to do.  (Our backs may be sore the next morning though from sleeping on the ground, we’re not as young as we once were.)  And last but not least, the kids want to go on a trail ride through the woods.  This means Kevin needs to fix the four-wheeler, just what he needed….another job!

Even though our kids won’t get to go on a trip this summer, we still hope to make some great memories for them right here at home before school starts next week.  How does that old saying go?  When the world gives you lemons make lemonade!  We will definitely be having lemonade here this weekend!

About Chris Chinn

My husband, Kevin, and I are 5th generation farmers. We live on our family hog farm in Missouri with our two children. Our dream is that our children will have the opportunity be the 6th generation of farmers in our family.
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  1. Jesse Sumner says:

    I am sure you have heard it before, but kids grow up to quick. My oldest will be a senior in high school this year and I am not to crazy about her growing up. I “planted” my three girls at the beach this summer for 26 days. I worked during the week but did make the trip down every weekend. They had talked me into buying a used boat for them to wakeboard behind and I am glad I caved in. Bottom line, the youth of our kids is our treasure in life. We work to live not live to work! Slow down, and enjoy your treasures.

    • Chris Chinn says:

      I love that saying Jesse – “We work to live not live to work!” Hopefully next year will be better! I am like you, I am not ready for my kids to be growing up! I’m glad you caved and let your girls have the boat, I bet they made some great memories! I wish we lived closer to a beach!

  2. Glenn M. Hillhouse, Jr. says:

    I enjoy your blogs! You are blessed with family in your rural lifestyle.
    I am a third generation farmer. Our family farm is located within a mile of the most eastward point in the state of Missouri, located in Mississippi County. 2011′s flood was our wettest growing season putting like 8 feet of water over the majority of our farmland. Then 2012′s drought was my driest year. So far, 2013 has been my most near perfect growing season. I’d better knock on wood.

    Thanks again for sharing your world with me.

    • Chris Chinn says:

      I’m glad to hear your having a good growing season! We are very dry in our area, we rally need a rain. Our crops still look better than they did last year.

      • Glenn M. Hillhouse, Jr. says:

        We started corn harvest August 27th. Due to a pork & poultry corn shortage north of us, two local elevators were taking super wet corn (28% or higher) discounted at only .75% of contract price for each 1/2 % moisture. This wet grain was taken directly to market & shipped north by rail. With 1/2 normal moisture discount along with water gain, it paid to haul my wet corn to market.

        Hoping by this time you have received rain.

      • Chris Chinn says:

        Wow! We didn’t have any rain in August and just a bit over an inch in July. Our beans will not produce a crop this year. We are praying next year is better for us but on a brighter note we think we may have some corn yet this year.

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