Finally Planting Corn on May 21st!

It’s been a busy and stressful month for us.  We have had a lot of rain, 3 1/2 inches to be exact.  Last week we were finally able to get in our fields to work the ground.  The weeds took over our fields thanks to all of the rain.   There was no way we could plant without working the ground because the weeds would over power our corn plants.  Sunday Kevin was geared up to plant our first field of corn and he was getting along well until the planter broke down halfway through the field.  There was no parts store open on Sunday so we had to wait for Monday to fix it.  And wouldn’t you know it, once he had the planter back together, it started raining again.

Today has been a beautiful day with lots of sun and a little wind.  Late this afternoon Kevin plans to finish planting the field he started on Sunday.   I am praying this works out for him, he is worn out.  The last week has been rough; he has been working either in the field or in the shop on equipment until midnight each night and getting back up at 5:30 each morning to start his day.  When you are a one man show (like he is) you have no other choice.

As if all of this stress and worry wasn’t enough, our computers went down at our feed mill.  This might not seem like a big deal but when you make all of your feed with computers, it is a BIG deal.  It took us all week last week to diagnose our problem and fix it.  This problem was all mine to handle.  I spent many nights last week at the mill until 9:30 pm.  Our kids were troopers through it all; they stayed with me at the mill and tried to help where they could.

Thursday night Rachelle had an Academic Banquet at school we had to attend, and Conner had a 5th grade Dodge Ball Game the same night.   Kevin was working in the field so it was up to me to get the kids where they needed to be….then we found out both events started at the same time in different locations.  To make matters worse, parents were supposed to play against the 5th graders.  I was stressed, I didn’t want to miss either of the kids’ events but I’m only human.

The plan was for Rachelle to go to her banquet with her cousin Kaytlynn, I would go play dodge ball with Conner, then I would leave to attend the banquet and try to be back in time to pick up Conner.  I was going to leave the game at 6:30 to go watch Rachelle receive her awards, as I was getting ready to leave the gym I looked up and there was Kevin.  He hated the thought of Conner not having a parent to play against so he left the field to be with Conner.  (What a great guy I married!)  It melted my heart and put a GIANT smile on Conner’s face.

I drove 12 miles to the high school and made it there just in time to see Rachelle receive her last award.  Kevin and Conner had a great time playing dodge ball and Kevin was only out of the tractor for an hour.  It was a break he needed but he was pretty sore the next day after playing with the kids.  (I played a little more strategically than Kevin did; I stayed away from the front line and used other parents as my shield!)

After the banquet and game I headed back to the feed mill to work on the computers again.  I love our computers but when they break, they really stress me out!  I have no IT department to call, it’s all me.  I am very grateful to the tech support offered by our feed mill programming; they go above and beyond to help me diagnose my problems, even when the problem isn’t with their equipment.

I am really ready for planting season to go smoothly and be over though; we are all ready for calmer days I think!  The kids have one more week of school and then they will be around to help on the farm and they can’t wait, especially Conner!  For Rachelle, softball and basketball camps will be this week and next week, followed by lots of softball games and basketball shootouts.  Conner will also have ballgames to play and both kids will have cattle shows.  Our summer will be busy but I don’t think we know any other way; busy seems to be our normal!


About Chris Chinn

My husband, Kevin, and I are 5th generation farmers. We live on our family hog farm in Missouri with our two children. Our dream is that our children will have the opportunity be the 6th generation of farmers in our family.
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7 Responses to Finally Planting Corn on May 21st!

  1. Linda Bush says:

    Planting season has been tough on all us this year I hope it goes better for you. I admire you support your children and that they support you. Way to go kids it will all work out.

  2. Glad to hear that you got in the field. We too are slowly getting field work done, and I have no fear that it will all get finished at some point in time (it always does). But as planting keeps getting pushed back it sure does start making things seem busier.

  3. We finished with corn– but Brian spent all day Saturday locked in a hot tractor because the A/C went out and he WOULD NOT stop to fix it with rain the forecast and 60 some acres left to go. All that glass makes the tractor a sauna! But now its at the dealership and he’s antsy because they can only plant beans with the drill till its back and, well, you know, the life of a farmer! 😉

    PS You are not “only” human, you are MOM!

    • Chris Chinn says:

      That sounds like something Kevin would do too, Kelly. I hope they get it fixed quickly so he can get the beans in the ground. I am ready for calmer days, sounds like you guys are too!

  4. eg bryant says:

    I so enjoyed the part of the post where Kevin left the field for a bit to spend time with your son. I have a one-man-show-farmer, too, and like yours, he knows the most important thing he cultivates, even in the rush to get corn in the ground, is relationships. Well done, good husband!

    Thanks for writing! Farm wife camaraderie is priceless!

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