National Agriculture Day Down on the Farm

Yesterday was National Agriculture Day, a day to celebrate agriculture in our country. On our farm, we spent the day caring for our livestock like we do every day on the farm. I began my day at a meeting that was focusing on agriculture education and the future of agriculture. I was in a nice warm meeting room while Kevin was outside freezing while he fed the cattle and checked to make sure they were all doing well.  (I felt a little guilty that I was inside and warm).  Our hogs were warm and snug inside our heated barns and they had lots of clean feed and water.  The pigs being born had a warm heat lamp to lay under and their mother was able to nurse her litter without a care in the world.

Kevin wasn’t really in the mood to celebrate though, he woke up yesterday morning not feeling well, he had a sore throat and his body ached.  He would have been better off to stay in the house and take care of himself but he knew that wasn’t an option.  He knew the livestock were depending on him and that is a responsibility all farmers and ranchers take seriously.  Kevin made sure all of the cattle were in good shape before he called the doctor’s office for himself.  Once he made it to town to see the doctor he learned he had strep throat.  The doctor’s advice was to fill his prescription and go to bed for some rest.  That sounded like heaven to Kevin but he knew he had more chores to do before he could do that.  It would have been great to be able to take the doctor’s advice but we don’t have extra people on the farm who can cover for him.  This is true for most farmers and ranchers, we don’t have many people who can cover for us at the drop of a hat.  This means even when you are sick, you still have to get your work done.

Kevin did what any farmer or rancher would do, he continued his day on the farm and when it was quitting time, he ran into the house and showered so Conner wouldn’t be late for his basketball game.  I was still gone to a meeting so I wasn’t around to help cover for Kevin.  Our well thought out plan for our day hadn’t included one of us being sick unfortunately.

Today, Kevin is still not feeling the best but he was back outside early this morning in the cold weather to care for the livestock.  It’s his passion, there was no way he could sit inside and watch as someone else tried to do his work.  The thought of that would make him even more sick.  He wants to make sure the livestock are in good health with his own hands and eyes.  He knows every person on our farm has responsibilities too and he didn’t want to add to their work load.  No amount of begging and pleading on my part would have kept him in the house today.  So I did what any loving wife would do, I smiled and told him to be careful and have a good day and I blew him a kiss because I didn’t want his strep throat!!!

About Chris Chinn

My husband, Kevin, and I are 5th generation farmers. We live on our family hog farm in Missouri with our two children. Our dream is that our children will have the opportunity be the 6th generation of farmers in our family.
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2 Responses to National Agriculture Day Down on the Farm

  1. Jesse Sumner says:

    Nice job of informing the public that we are in a tight margin business where owners work no matter the circumstances!

    My family has been battling Mononucleosis. Lets hope that Spring will bring wellness to our families.

  2. Donna says:

    Love it! And yes, I know about working while being sick. In our 33 years of marriage, I think Kenneth has stayed in the house maybe 2 days (and prbly not all day). One day for back surgery. We are grateful that we have dedicated employees to help.

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