The Perfect Blog Post – or Not!

It was opening weekend for deer hunting and for the first year, both of our kids were going to go hunting.  We promised the kids they could hunt on Saturday and for a little while Sunday morning but beginning at 8:00 a.m. Sunday, we had to work cattle.

Both of the kids had success this year hunting, Conner shot his first deer and it was an 8 point buck.  Needless to say, he was thrilled with his first hunt, as you can tell from his picture below.

Conner’s First Deer, an 8 point buck! His smile says it all!

Conner wasn’t the only successful hunter in our family, big sister Rachelle shot her first deer, a doe, on Saturday.  What made Rachelle’s hunt even more meaningful for her was her Grandpa Gary was the one with her when she shot her first deer.  Some of you may think that isn’t a very big deal, however, Grandpa Gary isn’t an avid hunter, and he prefers working on the farm over deer hunting.  Being the great grandpa that he is, he volunteered to hunt with Rachelle this year.  She thought it was pretty cool that Grandpa Gary was with her when she took her first deer.  She couldn’t wait to document the event with lots of pictures for her scrapbook.  I took a GREAT picture of Rachelle and Gary and I had it on my phone for safe keeping.

I had the perfect blog post forming in my head.   I made it a point to take my smart phone with me Sunday morning so I could get lots of pictures for this ‘perfect’ blog post because we all know pictures make a blog worth reading, right?

Kevin, Conner, my dad and I started walking the cattle in from the pasture to the sorting pens which was about a quarter mile down the driveway.  Everything was going great, the cattle were going where we wanted them to and not one cow was out of line.  That’s when one mischievous calf decided to run under the electric fence.  The mama cow wasn’t real thrilled about this and she took off after her calf.  And of course it happened on the side I was working so I went to bring the calf back before the rest of the herd decided to follow this stray calf.  This is where the beginning of my problems started….sort of. As I was running on foot to retrieve this calf, my smart phone must have fallen out of my coat pocket.  I was too busy heading off the calf to notice it though.   When the calf joined the rest of the herd, we had smooth sailing for the most part.

Once we had all of the cattle in the sorting pens, I decided it would be a good time to take a few pictures for my blog.  That’s when I discovered my phone was gone.  I searched my coat, I looked all over the ground around me, and I even searched the pens where the cattle were.  Then it hit me like a rock, my phone must have been out in the pasture.

I jumped on the 4-Wheeler and headed out for the pasture, praying I would find my phone.  I didn’t tell Kevin or my dad what I was doing because I was sure they wouldn’t think this was the time to search for a phone.  In all honesty, it probably wasn’t the best time, but I wanted to take pictures for the blog and as I looked to the sky, I could tell a rain was getting ready to set in.  I frantically drove over the 40 acre pasture trying to re-trace my steps.   I wasn’t having any luck.  I thought about calling my phone, but I had it set to vibrate so that wasn’t going to help me.  I was thinking about all of the phone numbers I had just lost and all of the photos I couldn’t replace.

Then I saw something shiny right as the front tire of the 4-Wheeler rolled over top of it.  At first I thought it was just a cow pile, and then I realized my phone was lying next to it and it was fully embedded into the ground after I drove over it.  I was relieved to find it but I wasn’t sure I would be able to use it again.  As I jumped off the 4-Wheeler to get my phone, the rain cut loose.  I headed back to the sorting pens and of course, the game of 40 questions began as soon as they saw me!  I didn’t have time to check my phone to see if it was ok because we had work to get done and I couldn’t take pictures in the rain anyway.

We worked as quickly as we could in the rain but some things just take time.  We had a great system going, my dad sorted out three cows at a time and sent them to the chute, Kevin’s dad ran the gate, Kevin worked the cattle while in the chute while I filled syringes and the kids recorded information and guided the cattle back to the correct pens.  It rained on us the entire time.  When we started at 8:00 a.m. it was 63 degrees and by the time we were finished it was 42 degrees and we were all soaking wet!  There wasn’t a dry stitch of clothes on any of us and we were all freezing.  We guided the cattle back home to their pastures and we headed in the house for dry clothes.

This is when I discovered that my phone did work, but I had lost a lot of pictures somehow!  And as you might imagine, I had a lot of ‘stuff’ to take from my husband who hates my smartphone!  What started out as a great idea for a blog post turned out to be a great reminder that I should always back up my pictures and contacts on my phone.  I did have one picture downloaded of Rachelle and her doe on my computer!

Even though Grandpa Gary is missing from the picture, she is still proud!

Maybe next time I will have better luck getting pictures for that ‘great’ blog post!

About Chris Chinn

My husband, Kevin, and I are 5th generation farmers. We live on our family hog farm in Missouri with our two children. Our dream is that our children will have the opportunity be the 6th generation of farmers in our family.
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