No Easter Pictures, Again!

Easter peeps

photo of Easter peeps, no pictures of people today

Every year I vow to do better about taking pictures on holidays.  And every year I fail!  I always seem to get side tracked in the rush.

This Easter started like every other Easter.  Kevin went to do chores and feed the livestock early while I tried to hold the kids off from looking into their Easter baskets.  We tried to get ready for church but in the process Kevin came in and the Easter rush began.

The kids quickly dug through the baskets and rushed through the house gathering eggs.  As soon as all of the eggs were found the kids started counting to see who found more.  Conner won this year but he quickly gave his sister some of his eggs so it was more even.  

Rachelle and I went to work in the kitchen fixing our desert for Easter dinner and it hit me, I forgot to take pictures of our Easter egg hunt.  We decided we would take the camera to my parents house and get pictures there.  As usual, we were running late and we rushed out of the house without the camera!  Ugh!

We were the last to arrive for our family dinner and everyone was waiting on us to sit down for the feast my mom prepared.  Luckily my family understands the reason we are late is because we always need to care for the livestock first.  The pigs and cows are a lot like us, they like to eat 7 days a week, rain or shine.  We value our time with our family but our livestock depend on us for their care so we have to put their needs first, even on Easter.

When it was time for the egg hunt at my parents house my sister asked me where my camera was knowing the answer would be the same as last year.  Thank goodness for older sisters who know how hectic life can be on a farm, she had her camera ready and promised to share her pictures again this year!  Maybe by the time I am a Grandma I will remember the camera!

About Chris Chinn

My husband, Kevin, and I are 5th generation farmers. We live on our family hog farm in Missouri with our two children. Our dream is that our children will have the opportunity be the 6th generation of farmers in our family.
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